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Our Apps Framework Usage

AddressFind ShareKit and InAppSettingsKit
CamsNearby ShareKit and InAppSettingsKit
iMapMe ShareKit and InAppSettingsKit 
iMySystem ShareKit and InAppSettingsKit
PhotosShare ShareKit, InAppSettingsKit, ZipArchive, Dropbox SDK and Flickr SDK.
StreamTunes InAppSettingsKit
Pic2Flickr InAppSettingsKit and Flickr SDK

MarkelSoft iOS mobile universal apps
for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Must-Have Developer
iOS Frameworks & Classes
(for Objective-C)

  1. ShareKit - add full sharing capabilities to your app for Facebook, Twitter, Instapaper, Twitter, Tumblr, Instapaper, Pinboard, Read It Later, Google Reader, Delicious and Email.
  2. InAppSettingsKit - easily add in-app settings to your app.
  3. Route-Me - brings slippery maps to iOS.
  4. ZipArchive - objective-C class for adding ZIP capability to your app.
  5. LFWebAPIKit - useful HTTP support for your app.
  6. Dropbox SDK - add Dropbox functionality for sending or acquiring a file.
  7. Flickr SDK - add Flickr functionality for sending or acquiring photos.
  8. DLWebView - drop-in web browser component.
  9. MGTwitterEngine - objective-C class for adding Twitter support.
  10. PowerPlot - a mobile visualization library for scientific and  business graphics.
  11. Three20 - open source objective-C library used by dozens of well-know brands including Facebook, Posterous, Pulse, and SCVNGR.
  12. Other iOS Frameworks

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