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Add-on tools to enhance iTunes and great utilities for all versions of Windows.   Dupe Eliminator, iStreamTunes, Converter, & Media Finder.

Popular iOS apps for iPhone and iPad.   Text to Speech, Measuring distance, Streaming iTunes from Anywhere, Photo & Video Sharing, Saving Favorite Locations, Photo Gallery Editor, System Details, Speed Alert with Speed Limits, + more.  


Our Software

 pictureDupe Eliminator 16.0    
 for iTunes on Windows         Software Demo
 powerful dupicate, dead link removal & library maintenance.  Over 500k downloads!

  $12.99 sale  Easy-to-use iTunes maintenance solution that removes unwanted duplicates and missing tracks.   Get your library into shape quickly and safely and free up disk space.

User ratings
Tucows rating
steven brush
download.com 5 star review
"The best tool for cleaning your iTunes Music Library"

pictureiMeasurer 8.0     
for iOS         App Preview (demo)
Top 20 iTunes App Store download

Apple App Store  $1.99 Accurately measures walking, running or driving distance, using your mobile GPS.  Indicates Max Speed and tracks measuring history.  


picture mText2Speech 12.6     
for iOS                         App Preview (demo)
Top 10 App Store sales 3 times

 Apple App Store $1.99 Easy text to speech processing with auto language translation -- great for traveling or learning a language.  Translate to and from over 90 languages.   Create recordings easily.
iTunes App Store 5 star review 
"Perfect App! - I love this app!"
* * * * *
Apple iTunes App Store 5 star review 
"Nicely designed App!"

* * * * *

What we offer

All of our software for iTunes adds much needed functionality to iTunes to make your experience more enjoyable. Everything from easy cleaning of duplicates and dead links from iTunes to free up more space to streaming your iTunes Library from anywhere using a browser or a mobile device to finding lost media on your PC.  


We offer a wide variety of tools for using iTunes on Windows to meet a vast array of needs our customers have indicated that they need.

Our most popular iTunes tools are Dupe Eliminator, StreamTunes, Media Finder, HLS Segmenter, Converter and our Super iTunes suite.   The suite includes all of our tools at one low, low price.   We also have over 24 universal iOS mobile apps and Android apps for your every need.

Use PowerSearch for Facebook iOS app to search the Facebook Graph.   Facebook Graph Search.

Use mText2Speech iOS app to translate and hear over 90 languages.

Use iMeasurer iOS app to measurer walking, runnning and driving distance, using your GPS.

Use Dupe Eliminator to quickly cleanup your iTunes Music library duplicates and missing files.  Includes AutoClean for automatic cleaning and UnDelete for restoring tracks you want back.

Use LaunchPad for Facebook tfor quick access to your about, wall, photos, videos, activity, likes, friends, apps, locatin, subscriptions and notes.

Use SuperUploader for Facebook to quickly and easily upload any of your folders of photos or videos or individual photos or videos to Facebook.

Use StreamTunes to stream anything in your music library to an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or any browser including mobile.

Use Media Finder to find the lost audio and video on your computer.  Find music and video and add to iTunes, if you like.  Find large video files that you no longer need to simply clean up space.   Many, many uses for Media Finder.

Use HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Segmenter to create Apple standard streaming files for use with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Use Converter to convert any or all of your iTunes Music tracks to a specific more optimum or desirable format.   Whewther you want all MP3's or AAC or just want to free up some disk space by using a format that takes up less space, Conveter will handle it for you.

We offer many more applications and mobile apps.   Take a took and enjoy!

We also offer many universal iOS mobile apps for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that provide a vast array of functionality from streaming, photo exchange, GPS tools, Webcams, iTunes music charts, weekend box office and more.



Clients saying   client testimonials

"4 out of 5 star editor review.   Dupe Eliminator does what it says it does quickly and easily"

-CNET.com editor review

Tucows 5 cows award
"5 of 5 cows award"

-Tucows.com review

"StreamTunes is the Coolest App! I can share music with my friends, I can monitor the people using my server. "

-Msammon, iTunes review

"Would recommend Dupe Eliminator for iTunes as i have tried all the others and this is the best thus far!! "

-Hilly3003, Download.com review

"Works as advertised.  Freaking awesome iTunes tools.   This app does what it says it does, it finds duplicate songs using more sophisticated criteria than the crappy feature that comes with iTunes.  It seeks out dead links and duplicate entries. This is powerful stuff squeezing the most space out of your iPod.  After I was done I was able to get all of my music into a 30GB iPod.  Couldn't do that before running this app!  I would say it is indispensible.  try it! "

-DogCatBoy, Download.com review

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